He likes perfection, and this is definitely not a bad thing – it’s a necessity! If you want an Driving Instructor who is specific to your needs and makes you feel comfortable from the word go, then this is the Driving School for you. Having tried 3 Driving Schools previously, Driving Instructor Dewsbury is by far the most elite. 23 hours later and I’m holding my driving certificate, thank you!

Heather Tosh

Naj was very particular and to the point. He gave extremely useful tips and I would recommend him to anyone. He was an excellent teacher and timekeeper. He ensured I passed both the theory and practical test first time. Definitely money well spent. Thank you Naj

Nicholas G

Naj is a brilliant Driving Instructor and helped me pass my theory and practical test 1st time after about 20 hours of Driving Lessons. Naj provided me with some great tips for manoeuvres and made sure I was fully prepared for my test. Thanks for everything!

Stephen Lee

Naj has been an excellent Driving Instructor to me. He has been very flexible when it has come to booking lessons and has always made me feel very comfortable driving. He has not only taught me how to pass the test but to be a better, safer driver. Thanks for everything.

Tom Smaldon

Fantastic Driving Instructor I have no complaints what so ever, he’s never once made me feel uncomfortable or told me off for doing something wrong. He has a laugh with you witch makes you feel at ease. If you’re not very good at something he will work on it till you can do it which really helped me and he never gets frustrated with you. I would highly recommend Naj and his Driving School to anyone who’s thinking of starting there lesson’s. Thanks a lot Naj for getting me through it.

Emma Thompson

Passed 1st time!!! Thanks to Naj I passed my test 1st time after completing a 3 day Intensive Driving Course with him. Naj is a highly competent and knowledgeable Driving Instructor. I had taken lessons with 2 other instructors previously however they did not go into nowhere near as much depth in comparison. Everything down the tiny last details are covered and although it seems like a lot to take in and remember he is just being very thorough which is exactly what you need as it helps you to become a better driver rather than just learning how to pass your test. At times I was very nervous but Naj did a great job at getting me to relax. I would certainly recommend him to others and I intend to take the Pass Plus course with him in the near future. Thank you Naj!

Gemma Smith

Naj is a great Driving Instructor! I would recommend him to all my friends he’s very patient and very good at explaining things, and he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst you’re driving. I only had 15 hours of Driving Lessons and passed my test! That on its own says how good he is as an instructor!!

Michael Hulswit

First of all a big thanks Naj!! I passed my taxi test first time and it was basically to the skills Naj showed me. I learned a lot in a very little span of time and saw beyond the immediate. I would highly recommend Naj to any new learner driver without any reservations. Best of luck in everything mate!

Syed Shah

Naj is a great Driving Instructor, at first I wasn’t very confident at driving but Naj gave me the confidence. When I didn’t understand something properly such as a manoeuvre he would go through different ways to help me get the manoeuvre correct instead of giving up or shouting at me. I would recommend him to anyone!

Greg Samuel

Many Thanks to Naj – I passed first time. A BRILLIANT Driving Instructor who puts you at ease, friendly and gives you confidence. I would highly recommend anyone young or mature this man has the key to all your problems 5 *****

Fred Burns


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